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Animals have been in my life from a very young age in my family home, and ive always spent as much time with them as is realistically possible. Now that I have moved out I miss the company of animals a ridiculous amount, and my partner can testify that I try to greet every dog I ever meet passing by for a fuss or a cuddle!
I have owned lots of family pets in the past and cared for others' pets too. My experience includes (but is not limited to): dogs of all sizes, cats, rats, ginea pigs & hamsters, chinchillas, rabbits, horses, snakes, bearded dragons; and its always a pleasure to be in their company.

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Very experienced, passionate and calm in the face of issues for all animals. I can handle anything your pet can throw at me!

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Experienced Pet Sitting in Norwich area! I have experience with numerous animals and how to care for them, from mammals to birds, and tropical fish to reptiles. I can handle anything your pet can throw at me in a calm and loving manner, and pets will never be left unattended. I set my own work hours as a digital artist and so am free to persue whatever hours work best for you. I am neat and tidy and your house will remain as it was when you left (I can also tidy for you if requested) and your pets will be extremely safe and loved with a very sensetive sitter who has experience in dealing with separation anxiety in pets.Most importantly, your pets will be receiving all the love and care they deserve, without any of the stress caused by kennels, in the comfort of their normal environment! Lots of play time, walking and training if required, and 'puppy' care for younger animals.

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Servis Pet House Sitting - Overnight oleh CNWilkinson terletak atau berdekatan Bowthorpe NR5, Norwich. Tempah melalui PetBacker untuk Insurans, Bayaran perlindungan & 24/7 sokongan.

15 Ulasan


February 2018

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Chloe is a lovely, caring person who is brilliant with animals. I would recommend her to look after anyone's pet!


January 2018

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Chloe is very reliable and trustworthy with pets. Would definitely recommend her!


January 2018

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I highly recommend Chloe to anyone who is looking for a responsible, trustworthy, and caring person to look after their pets. I wouldn’t ask anyone else to look after my three cats. Chloe is really passionate about caring for animals, and I promise you that your pets will recei ...Baca Lagi


January 2018

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Chloe is a lovely and trustworthy person. She's always been amazing with both animals and people!


January 2018

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Chloe is completely reliable and brilliant with pets. Very trustworthy and attentive, I would definitely recommend her!

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Pet House Sitting - Overnight

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